The Four Houses of Hogwarts

The Four Houses of Hogwarts

Welcome to Hogwarts! All potter heads are welcome and encouraged to come and join your house and interact with other potterheads and Hogwarts students. If you'd like to be in a house on the info here please make a Hogwarts ID with the links here:

Gryffindor Character:
Hufflepuff Character:
Ravenclaw Character:
Slytherin Character:
and submit them to the group so you can be officially put in your house. You can make a character that you'd like to see in Hogwarts, a fictional you that you'd like to go to Hogwarts, a friend or just an ID for you and your house. You decide :)
Share sets and enjoy the wonderful fandom that is the wizarding world of Harry Potter! All kinds of sets welcome!

Hogwarts Students:
@sweetcandice (Lisette Hayes),
@angeltomlinson (Angel Malfoy),
@bored-chic-1002 (Teresa Malfoy),
@dirtylittledamsel (Laila Palvine),
@heywuzup (Andrea Rutz),
@nurin-r (Lara Potter)
@shadows-of-design (Avryl Dawnson),
@gabrielle-potter (Arianna Jane Granger)
@delanemo (Ariana Hawthorn),
@emeraldjane (Danielle Redmayne “Danni”),
@minato-lover-22 (Oddett Finnigan),
@bbnncc12 (Melody Bones),
@mooster13 (Harlow Smith)
@tempest-in-a-teapot (Marigold Brightwood)
@nerdygirlytomboy-42 (Brhyde Smith)
@carolinaperuzzo (Carollyn Naysmith),
@alexandrapopplewell (Daisy Meyers),
@i-love-stan-the-man (Caroline Rosette Fara Eustace Lupin King),
@walxee-xweetok (Sathora Snape),
@ksoy (Kylan Song),
@hogwarts-girl (Kestrel Snape)
@jordanpotter1536 (Jordan Potter)

🐺🐲 Game of Thrones DOLLS ❄️🔥

🐺🐲 Game of Thrones DOLLS ❄️🔥

Another Game of Thrones and ASOIAF group, but this one's for DOLLS ONLY. Weekly contests while the new season of Game of Thrones is showing.
N.B. You can NOT WIN a place in the contest with a set that is not a DOLL. That means they have to have heads AND bodies unless I specifically say "invisible dolls" which I don't plan to do.